Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Limes, Jello and Love.


My brother was convinced that Jello was one of the important food groups, that being fruit of course ... and it didn't help when Jello came out with fruit molds although I did prove to him that a real orange held in the hand had a peel and did not melt while a hunk of orange jello, shaped like an orange ... melted all over the new rug and earned you a whole lot of whoop ass. He insisted they put chemicals in the real orange to keep it from melting and that if we ate it we were in danger ...

...of not melting I guess ...

He was ahead of his time....


I care what we put in food. I put a lot of love in mine and hubby insists he can taste it...


I don't have the heart to tell him that is just the cinnamon ....

My brother taught me a lot about the danger of destroying people's illusions. Sometimes you have to just go with it.

 I did.

I bought him meat molds for his jello.

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