Friday, November 30, 2012

Lollipops, Sheep and Spite.


I had an annoying younger cousin who followed me around like a bleeting lamb even though I role played with our Barbies, the consequences for people being sheep in their lives and how they never get to be America's Next Top Model unless they were willing to leave the comfort of the warm fleece pack and learn to smile with their eyes. 

The whole thing made sense to a child.  Well ... one of the children anyway ...  Sheep can't smile with their eyes.  Check it out for yourself.


I was given a huge pink lollipop with a bow on it by a visiting aunt and it was beeeeautiful. Normally I would have just let it sit on my dresser and be beautiful but my cousin was whining that she wanted a lick.

A Lick??? Like how did THAT generation miss the whole sanitary bit about not sharing personal items? Thank heavens MY generation put a stop to the whole idea of licking willy nilly.

My grandmother said it was my lollipop and that I could have as much as I wanted but that when I was done, she was sure it would be okay then for her to have a lick.  My cousin smirked at me and I smirked back at her ... little sheep that she was ... and proceeded to lick and eat my lollipop ... the whole thing.

I ignored her dismayed cries of protestation that I was going to eat the whole thing and there would be none left for her. I ate it all. And it was disgustingly horribly sweet even for my tooth.

And then I was really sick with a horrible tummy ache and had to go to bed and miss out on the family barbeque. I couldn't even smirk anymore.


Smirking smug sheep are not a pretty sight.

Not even from your death bed.

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