Saturday, December 1, 2012

POE5 - 1 Electica, ShuShue, Muse Poses, Ruth's Creations, SL Imports

POE5 - 1 Electica, ShuShue, Muse Poses, Ryth's Creations, SL Imports 2

Another year, another Christmas, another POE Hunt ... oh and ME!! Last year I shared my tips for Peace on Earth. I had thousands of letters thanking me for my efforts ... most of them written to me by my alt ...

POE5 - 1 Electica, ShuShue, Muse Poses, Ryth's Creations, SL Imports 1

THIS year I am going to be sharing Christmas tips and stories to make the holiday more jolly AND some of them won't even include alcohol. (in the tip I mean ... of course I will be drinking as I make this stuff up ...)

This tip is about thinking outside ... and a box. If you don't have a tree, or a parent, who will let you touch the indoor special tree (notice how all the "special" trees are the ones YOU are not allowed to touch???) go outside and claim your own tree. Take the box of ornaments and just decorate willy nilly through the forest. You can call out and sing Christmas Carols and everything because other frozen people don't hear well and they will be too frozen to be able to throw snow at you.

POE5 - 1 Electica, ShuShue, Muse Poses, Ryth's Creations, SL Imports 3

What is really really fun is to decorate a tree in the yard of that really snooty auntie you have who matches her tree to her panyhose shade (ballerina pink) and always looks down her nose and tells your mom that green and red are just so "gauche." You should collect all the old ornaments that the nursing homes aren't using (those are realllly bad) and then put them on a tree in HER yard.

It's really fun to sip hot cocoa by the fire and watch her running outside screaming in her jammies and slipper trying to get all the ornaments off the tree.

Make sure you glue gun them on.

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