Friday, November 30, 2012

Poppies and Other Dangerous Items.


When we were kids we were stunted in our imagination. It never occurred to us to try and smoke flowers or make a tea out of them. We were heavily protected under the influence of all things Disney and little birds and animals that gathered around you as you sang in the forest.    And then of course people were still actively reading all that nonsense from Jane Austen and listening to those rhyming smoochy love songs. We were still waiting for the seventies to teach us about weaving flowers into our hair and letting them dry out so you could smoke them.

Yes, we basically sucked pathetically at coming up with "criminal activity" worthy of a television show or even a short film on You Tube.

We thought trying to pick flowers that were in someone else's garden was a big deal. Like when a flower deal was going down, we would meet together and decide who was going to do look out, and who was going to steal the flower, and then who was going to carry the flower back home. We came up with a cover story for where we all were so no-one could blame us and we swore an oath that if one of us got caught ... we would never talk.   Although we were probably ahead of our time on the underwear thing ... except when we hid the flowers in my brothers underwear ... not a lot of them made it home. 


We had people back at our crib ... which was literally a crib we pulled up into the treehouse and made into a kind of jail ... who were deciding which book we would use when we got the stolen goods home.


You can't just press flowers in any old book you know.

Some day my children will find the old box hidden in the rafters with all the stolen pressed flowers and they will finally know the truth about the criminal activities of the gang of kids that lived on the Canadian Prairies. They will know the double life of the woman they called ... "Mumpsy."

It should make a great movie.

You can act it out now with puppets if you like ... just to get a feel for how exciting it actually is.

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