Friday, November 16, 2012

The Birds of Paradise.


The whole "bird of paradise" can be deceptive ...

Like some people call certain birds that and then there are flower that are called that and I have even seen someone call a hair style, a vibrator, AND a dessert "bird of paradise" ...
I just think if you are going to be dealing with God stuff like "paradise" that you should be very clear and not mislead people into thinking they have paradise when all they really have is a cheap advertising ploy.
A lot of lives get messed up by thinking they have paradise when they don't.
(umm ... don't go looking for any bird of paradise in these pics cause there aren't any ... I am completely paradise free ... my brain wasn't when I did the blog post but I am now ... and so are my pics ... as usual ... what I wrote has nothing to do with the pictures but it makes sense when you drink enough ... trust me ...)
SKIN:  *OC* Alena skin - smoky II
HAIR:  Elikatira [e] Found - Essentials
EYES:  IKON Kaleido Eyes - Oil
LASHES:  - MIAMAI Innocent Lashes
MAKE-UP:  Madrid Solo-For Tolerance- Ascent
EARRINGS:  ^^Swallow^^ Mesh Drop Earring Black
HAT:   !*Bliss Couture*! Reemany Hat
DRESS:  SAS - Anrol Full Orange
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