Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Total Eclipse, Total Failure.


I am a little bummed about the big eclipse today ... it just failed to live up to any of my expectations ... AND I have noticed something ... my hubby always seems to be around when my expectations are failing ...


We were sitting there when the big eclipse started and I asked my hubby if he was going to get down on one knee or what?

"What for?"

"To propose!! Eclipses are supposed to make people propose!" I kmow I did a spectacular eye roll that he could not fully appreciate on account of it was pretty dark but I think he felt it.  You know when eyes roll THAT hard, there is this rush of air that speaks volumes on its own.

"Been there, done that, have the t-shirt.  We might just skip the proposing for this eclipse." He was drinking coffee.  Like coffe is appropriate at moments like this???

I sat there fuming ... "Well what about magic, do you know any magic?"

"Nope, pass the toast please..." "Toast?

I was speechless.

An eclipse is happening and you have ... nothing? What kind of man are you? You are supposed to plan for these special days."

"Well I was going to sacrifice a virgin but a thorough search of the house proved fruitless.  We are all out of virgins and you can't fake that kind of thing you know.  The Gods get angry."

I think he thought he was being funny ... he knows we are not religious. I tried again,  "Look, even the birds realize something amazing is happening. They are all sitting in the tree, not flying, not saying a thing ... THEY feel the magic!"


"Well there you have it ... let's do that too, let's sit here and not say anything and promise each other we won't fly a schmick until it is all over. It will be our own special little magic moment."

I hate it when he pats my hand and smiles like that ...

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