Thursday, November 22, 2012

Turkeys, in General.


We are going to have to talk about the Turkeys in general, because there aren't any in Australia. Oh the Australian's like to pretend they have turkeys here but their turkeys look more like legless big chickens at best, and at worst it is just a compressed roll of something that "tastes like chicken."


It is a conspiracy against North American sensibilities. Like we don't know turkey when we see it.

Going this long without a decent turkey I now see turkeys everywhere ...

I even dream about turkeys.

 I weep for turkeys.

When we were in North America we saw turkey's everywhere ... standing on the side of the road ... mocking me ... only because they knew that we were not allowed to bring guns on the plane and they were safe.

I got kicked out of 4 different grocery stores for fondling the turkey breasts.


So if the rest of you could keep it down regarding your turkey dinners this weekend, I would appreciate it ... otherwise you should probably take your headphones off when you are in Second Life. The loud wailing noise you hear will be me weeping for my sad turkeyless life.

(oh and I can promise you that no turkeys were hurt in the prepration of this piece. I have no idea what the hell I am eating in these pics but trust me when I tell you ... it was NOT turkey.)

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