Monday, November 19, 2012

Zoul Creations Cheyenne.

Zoul Creations Cheyenne 1

I love shooping ( a combo of snooping and shopping) and finding stores and designers that are new to me.  I was particularly excited to find Shantia Soulstar of Zoul Creations and her skins.  It has been ages since I have done a hunt and I decided I would give the WomenStuff  Hunt, currently underway in SL, a go  . . . just for kicks and giggles. 

I had forgotten a lot about hunts.  In reality, it was a hunt that kind of hooked me on SL and two of the people I love the most in SL that I still keep contact with, were women I met while hunting.  Shay and Whinter are just good people and it does not matter how often we talk or hang out ... we just connected.  You meet lots of people in SL who claim you as a friend but then never talk to you or even act like they know you if you run into them in public so ya ... I consider them rare finds. 

I wasn't hunting for 5 minutes when someone started working with me to help find the gifts.  Hunts are a great way to meet people.

AND they are a great way to find new designers (whether completely new or just new to you)!  I get torn between wanting to race on with my new hunt friends or take time to really look around the stores and the area I am in.  SO ... I often ear mark those I want to visit again when I can take my time.

Zoul Creations Cheyenne 2

I guess I want to share this for a couple of reasons .... one is to let hunt organizers know that their hard work IS appreciated on many levels and two is to let the designers know it is worth it to be in the hunts and to make a little extra effort with the gift and your whole approach to the hunt.  I love the talent of all the designers in SL ... it is not just the obvious person who owns the store either.  I can't tell you the number of times I have clicked on a chair or a decoration to find out who made it and then gone to THAT store to buy something.  I make mental note of those designers who go out of their way to make it fun, or to put something really cool together.  I will go back to stores I found on hunts and liked their work, to see what else they are doing.

I know at times my SL and RL have been crazy busy and there is not always time for hunts but there are a lot of them coming up for the holiday season and I just wanted to add my thanks and appreciation for all the hard work and talent out there that makes SL what it is.

And as for Shantia and Zoul Creations - please make the time to check out her work.  

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