Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Accident Prone.


There is nothing like being woken out of a dead sleep by the sound of your hubby screaming in the dark.


He insists on feeding us copious amounts of carrots as they "help you see in the dark" and insists he has perfect vision .... however time for home boy to hear a few home truths.

I don't care about seeing in the dark because if I am looking at something in the dark then I can guarantee my eyes will be closed anyway so lets stop wasting perfectly good carrots on me ok?

They obviously are not working on you because in the past couple of years we have had the stubbing your toe and spilling hot tea all down your legs (lets not forget in my effort to save you from that one, I rearranged the toes on my foot and had to go to the hospital to have them reattach them where they should be) fell down basement stairs (I still have nightmares) and NUMEROUS bumps and crashes all around the house. I think it is time to let the carrots go. And turn on the lights when you need to get up in the night.

Reassuring me that you only bashed your toes and not to worry because you have more toes on the other foot is not going to cut it.


And neither is your promise to try to be more quiet when you are having accidents ...

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