Saturday, December 8, 2012

I May Be A Psychopath.


I was watching Criminal Minds and they said on there that a psychopath is someone who blames everyone else around them and never takes personal responsibility for their own mistakes.


I took a long look at my life and realized that when I worked in that nursing home when I was 17 and the head nursing home lady told me I should wear a bra to work because some of the seniors were not concentrating enough on their paper mache projects in art class ... I displayed psychopathic behaviour.

I pointed out I was not the one distracted by my own breasts, as magnificent as they were, that THEY were the ones who were perving and she should be speaking to them about THEIR inability to focus on the task at hand and not chastising me on my lack of bra.

I felt really bad that I did that.

And then the commercial was over and Criminal Minds was back on and they said that lots of psycopaths were made that way because of their parents ....


So I was really glad that I watched the show because it helped me realize my psychopathic tendencies to blame others for my own mistakes was not my fault.

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