Monday, December 24, 2012

I Went Over To The Dark Side.


I should have kicked and screamed a little longer. I give in wayyy too easily.


I suspected this about myself first when I was 3 and I got tired of throwing my tantrum and my brother escaped with my Barbie ...

Now I know I am a pushover.

I have been complaining about the weather and the heat and then I thought, I will just go with it ... give up on the traditional Canadian Christmas and embrace all things Australian.

I was tired of people complaining because I made them put on snowsuits, tuques and mitts and pull each other around on a sled on the grass. I was tired of trying to revive them when they passed out from the heat. I was tired of people screaming at me to put on some decent music and turn that "Christmas crap" off. I was tired to telling them how wonderful turkey is when all I had was fake wingless something to pass off and no-one wanted to eat it anyway. I was tired of baking and sweating for hours when the kids prefer bread and butter covered with sprinkles.

I went over to the dark side. I agreed that we will have a barbeque, pool party type of day. I agreed everyone could be half naked. I agreed to frolic in the outdoors with the huge bugs.


... and now it is going to rain all day ...


Anyone know any indoor party games for half naked, semi drunk, Aussies at Christmas time?

SKIN:  .::WoW Skins::. Hope midtone
HAIR:  TuTy's - ROMANTIC - vintage hairstyle
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POSES:  zzang

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