Thursday, December 6, 2012

My Heartfelt Compassionate Outreach.


I am thinking of giving back to the community ... not my community because I don't think I am allowed out near MY community .... but someone else's community. I have to confess ... my heart bleeds for the poor traveler/gypsy girls.


Those girls can't walk. I am not even sure they have legs under all those crinolines. No wonder boys can "grab" them. Where are they supposed to go? Those crinolines are tied on so tight they can't even hide in them.

Now if they were aspiring lawn ornaments or toilet paper covers ... they would have some career options but they can't be because those things don't talk and travelers never stop talking. No-one understands them but they are always talking.

 First little girls are communioning and then they are getting married. Do you notice there are no reality tv shows about AFTER the Gypsy wedding ... that is because shows about strange medical maladys has been done to death and even though I am not sure I have ever seen death or deformity by crinoline ... I don't think people will buy it. Society can be cruel in some areas and while we might have compassion for when the Mob wives pull each other's weaves off ... we draw the line at crinoline compassion. You crinoline ... you deserve everything you get.

It could be that or it might be a reverse psychology thing ... like a crinoline envy and secretly people really wish they had the guts to put that many crinolines on. I know I might have been happier with my snow pants and 27 layers of clothing in the frozen northlands had there been some crinolines involved. Maybe that is why I have such empathy with them ... I understand being dressed up and not being able to move. Except we often froze to death and they get to drink.

But I am thinking an intervention type programme. First we get them out of the crinolines ...then they go through detox ... then they face facts like a small trailer and 23 crinolines ... seriously where is the flocked velvet sofa going to go? I think we will have to involve movement therapy and classes to introduce them to their legs and how they are wonderful things and can move you around a room if freed up a little. There could be after school programmes on how to say "no" after the first crinoline and of course massive campaigns against Disney and Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast etc who clearly are not innocent cartoons but gateway mind control to keep women in crinolines and out of marathons.


Yup - that is what I am going to do. Decrinolize the Travelers.

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