Thursday, December 20, 2012

Out In The Cold.


Leaving someone out in the cold can be a matter of life and death.


I know a lot of you here in Australia cannot even imagine it.

I suggest that you make an effort to understand and have someone take everything out of the freezer and then you climb in it. Then you should lay there and try and make snow angels ... don't worry that you can't move because neither can Canadians in the snow with all their snow gear on. After 3 days in there you will get the idea of what 5 minutes outside in the frozen northland is like.

They release reports on how fast exposed skin can freeze. We practice running drills in those few seconds and it comes down to this ...


If you can reach your brother and get back in the house before that time is up ... your brother lives to see another winter ... if not ... you wave at him from the window. You can't even have a funeral until the spring thaw ...

Old man winter waits for no-one ...
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