Sunday, December 2, 2012

Poe Hunt 5 Blog 2 MaMia, Elemental, Amacci, Morgane Batista

POE5 - 2 MaMia, Elemental,  Amacci, Morgane Batista 1a

Ok the theme of this Christmas tidbit is vintage - you can always tell vintage because the women do not have any peircings, there are no naked bits hanging out, AND there are doilies somewhere.

You know when you go to one of the family "get togethers" over Christmas and there is always the ONE adult relative who decides to make "YOU" their special project and tries to share words of wisdom and stale peppermints? Well ... a realllllly good way to escape from her needing to pinch your cheeks constantly ... is to slip her a pile of old pictures and ask her to tell you about your family.

This will keep her talking for hours and hours and hours and she won't even care (or notice) that anyone is listening ....

POE5 - 2 MaMia, Elemental,  Amacci, Morgane Batista 2a

It's even MORE fun when the pile of pictures you hand her you picked up at a garage sale 3 weeks earlier and have nothing to do with your family ....

All old people look the same.

SKIN:  Amacci Skin & Hair - Oleana Peace - POE
HAIR:  **Pocket Mirrors** Ofelia Updo Brown
EYES:  IKON 'Sunrise' Eyes - Cool Silver Pale
LASHES:  Ultra Kitties Nana
GOWN, SHOES, FAN, PURSE: MaMia W* Peace on Earth Gift 1 Saffron outfit
TABLE AND PRETTIES:  MaMia  Peace on Earth Gift 2 Reception Set
POE5 Official Poster  [New and Improved!]

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