Thursday, December 6, 2012

POE5 Blog 6 BLUSH Skins, FuLo, Cilian'gel

POE5  Blog 6  BLUSH Skins, FuLo, Ciliangel 1

Kids on the prairies don't make a lot of snowmen. When our parents see us packing a snowball, laying it in the snow and beginning to roll ... they waddle across the yard in the their snow pants and slap that puppy right out of our mitted hands.

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You have probably heard how in the further far north the Eskimos do not even teach their kids how to swim. The story goes that it would be cruel. If they fall through the ice, the water is so cold that they would just prolong the inevitable. I won't even point out the flaws in this story, those being that first of all where in the further frozen northland would these people be able to learn to swim and second of all if this is a time honoured tradition what chance would a parent have of teaching their child to swim on account of their parents did not teach them to swim? Thirdly, does that mean that Social Services comes to take away all the children who know how to swim because clearly their parents do not love them? The parents knew how to swim so their parents taught them and so therefore abuse does run in the family and I should get a Noble Peace Prize or something for drawing such important and leaping conclusions but alas (I like to put the back of my hand to my forehead for this part) we don't have time for this. We could go on and on but I won't. Let's just go with Eskimos do not teach their children how to swim because it would be cruel.

Next let's pretend that prairie parents teach their children not to make snowmen because that also would be cruel. See a city kid makes a snowman rolling the snow from one end of the yard to the other to gather snow. Think finite snow. Think manageable snow. Think a little bit of snow. A farm kid would be rolling for months in the back 40 with mundo, endless, infinite snow and well then he would develop muscles and have to go to the Olympics and he would show up and the Olympic people would say "Tough luck you frozen northlander, there is no snowman competition, too bad you can't swim either."

And this is the real reason that Canada sucks at the Olympics. It is because they will not let us shine at our best sports. Curling is still iffy for crying out loud and blubber chewing isn't even on the map yet. What chance do we have?

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I like to play Oh Canada backwards here . You will hear the children say "adanac Ho" which is Eskimo for "We are really bitter about our Olympic Experiences - you Ho."

HAIR:  Son!a Poise3 updo
EYES:  IKON 'Sunrise' Eyes - Arabian Blue Pale
LASHES:  Belleza
EARRINGS:   FuLo - "Passion" - for POE5
DRESS:  POE5 - Cilian'gel
POSES:  Slouch
LOCATION:   Holiday Village

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