Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Desert Speaks to me in Really Strange Ways.


I would last about 2 seconds being lost in the desert ...


Mainly because I would be hysterical and screaming and there would not be anyone to slap me.

If there is no water somewhere ... you often find that those places are the same places where there are no slappers available.

You waste a lot of energy being hysterical and screaming. It uses up all your body's reserve which is why most people who are good at hysteria are extremely thin ... except fot the ones that aren't thin of course ... they are just anomalys.  Chubby anomalys.

My brother always said that he could survive being lost in the desert - easy peasy.


I wanted him to have his shot at it. I even offered to drive him to the desert but my grandparents wouldn't let me.

They were big on keeping both of us where there was both water and slappers.  They destroyed a heck of a lot of our big dreams ....

... especially the ones I had for him ...

I write him every Christmas and tell him it is never too late to follow his dreams and offer to drive him to the desert.  I don't think anyone ever really loves a brother like a good sister.  There is just magic there between us. 

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