Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Drama and the Romance of Childhood.


My grandfather brought an old row boat home from an auction once and gave it to my brother and I to play with down in the creek.


My brother wanted to play war games and have me in the boat while he "bombed" me from the shore with whatever was handy ... like dried cowpies, old tree trunks, rocks, water balloons (they were handy in that he pulled them down there in an old wagon)and suction cup arrows from his bow and arrow set.

I wasn't in to that for the obvious reasons like ... I am allergic to rocks.

I wanted to role play "Lady of Shalott" and lay in the boat in a long gown and have flowers everywhere and just float along looking up at the sky.


However having to pick the blood suckers off your feet from pushing the boat into the open water kind of wrecks the mood.

So the boat basically sat there and we went and swung from the rope in the barn instead.   We could agree on Tarzan and Jane.  Well, I pretended he was Jane and called him that, but in my head ... I just saw a Chimp.

SKIN:  Dream Ink Maya SK D12
HAIR:  TuTy's LIMBO - short wet hairstyle Mahogany
EYES:  IKON 'Sunrise' Eyes - Eggplant Pale v2
EARRINGS:  (DUMANI) Petalo D'onore Earring - Chlorophylla
TOP:  even.flow - Paisley Blouse white
PANTS:  ** DIRAM ** SAVINA Pant - Blue - Mesh
PURSE:  Graffitiwear Japanese Garden Landscape Bag
POSES:  zzang

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