Thursday, January 24, 2013

Bad to The Bone. Ok Maybe not the Bone, But to the Muscles for Sure.


My friend rides bikes with a gang ... well a middle aged gang of really polite people. I mean I think she is polite, she always says 'please' and 'thank you' and she has never tried to talk me into robbing some gas station with her....


I wanted a motorcycle growing up. One of the hired men had one and I could drive it - piece of cake. Of course I had about as much chance of getting a motorcycle as I did getting out of the house in those shorts I had cut off so short they were technically a belt.

My grandfather tried to pat my head and "let me" drive the garden tracker - like that could appease my "born to be bad - black leather" needs. It doesn't matter how much black leather you wear and how "bad" you think you are ... no-one takes a farm girl on a garden tractor seriously ... not even the cows.

I rebelled by going out and burning wheelies in the field with the combine. Only I think that, in order for rebellion to be really effective, someone has to care what your are doing.


So ya that is my confession for the day. Hubby says if I am really good, maybe in a few years he will get me one of those motorized scooters.

I am going to name mine "fluffy" ...

And get a tattoo ....

SKIN:  [:ME:] Eliza Peach Skintone (Devious Bundle)  Monarch
HAIR:  ::Exile:: Raspberry Beret: Naturals
EYES:  IKON Sunrise' Eyes - Brown Pale
LASHES: VonD Gorgeous Lashes
SUNGLASSES:  PP - Meira Mesh Sunglasses Silver for Acid Lily
TOP:  ::HH:: Hucci Misha Bodysuit - Black
JACKET:  *SLAVE* Frill Coat
SKIRT:   even.flow  - Mini Skirt Black (black belt) for Acid Lily
LEGGINGS:  [dirty.little.secret]:: AL :: Fleur Leggings Set for Acid Lily
NECKLACE:  [ glow  ] studio My Music Necklace Silver
SCARF:   Callie Cline Sharona Bow
SHOES:   PP- Electra Boots  for Acid Lily
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