Monday, January 21, 2013

Beware the Helpful Ones.


On the farm I had a pet gosling. It is not that I aspired to have a pet gosling but I was a sucker for fluffy things - and yellow fluffy things seemed especially bright.

I named him "fluffy."


It is not like I went to the pet store and picked him out among a bevy of other yellow fluffy goslings. He picked me.  I happened to be in the room when he hatched, as we had saved the eggs from the evil snares of the marauding skunks and foxes in the area.

Skunks and foxes are not in the same gang but they are part of the gang life that no-one talks about in the frozen Northland. Your city gangs may act like real animals but our gangs ARE real animals.

When a gossling sees you it pretty much screams out "mama" and forgets to look for either gender or visual clues that might, on some planet, make that even possible. So ya, I was a mom, at the tender age of 8.

The thing used to follow me down to the bus stop at the end of the lane leading into the farm. I would have to take it back and show people how to close a door. I took it out one day when it had rained thinking the mud puddles would seem like a day at Disney World in Goosedom and my brother was with me.

Like all little kids, it wasn't long before it was tired and having a hard time keeping up. The "Biffster" suggest I carry him in the hood of my jacket which I did - because evidently 8 year olds are still developing the part of their brains where they learn that a brother appearing to be helpful is one of the greatest danger signs of impending doom. We laughed at the little gosling nibbling at my ears like it was giving little kisses. I do remember thinking that my brother was laughing a little bit too hard. I mean it was cute, but not hysterical.

And then it was time to lift him out at another mud puddle and my brother helped, and then put my hood up to cover my ears against the cold ...

... it was full of goose shit.


I suppose my only comfort now is that he is going bald and I have a thick mane of hair.

That and the fact the next time he put on his cowboy boots, they were mysteriously full of horse shit.

Karma is a real bitch ... especially when it is delivered by a horse.

SKIN:  Dulce Secrets Glo.Brandy
HAIR:  Alli and Ali  Ludvika
EYES:  IKON Utopia Eyes - Pale Purple + Blue
JEWELLERY:  [ glow ] studio Early Morning Earth Gold Set
OUTFIT AND PURSE:  Graffitiwear
BOOTS:  Schadenfreude Pitch Leith Boots (and Shoes)

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