Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Canada Provides Definitive Proof of Evolution.


In Canada there are things called "Snow Birds." We used to call them "Bow Snirds" because when you are locked in all winter with Grandparental Units and your annoying brother, you kind of lose your mind and things like that seem really funny.


I also liked to point out to Aardvark and Humpydora that Biff backwards was 'FFIB' and that they should take that into account when they considered which one of us was telling the truth. Blissy was 'yssilB' which I assured them meant "truth teller" in Yiddish or some other foreign language.

I could make that up because I wore sunglasses and refused to look directly at the snow and still had 3 brain cells left.


The purpose of the Snow Birds was to be aroound when there was snow.

This is proof of evolution ... highly specialized and purposeful birds.

In Canada ... can you believe it?

SKIN:  SURROGATES  -  Cheryl 1
HAIR:  **Dura-Emo**07(Blonde)
EYES:  Agnes Finney: Forever Eyes  Pure Sweet Memory
LASHES:  [OH] Lashes  :::(~_~):::  Vogue Girl
JEWELLERY:  Ear Candy ~ Black Beauty
COAT:  *LpD* - *Liv* Coat Pink
PURSE:  * {creamshop} Madrid - Leather weave bag (Black)
BOOTS:  MV Deadly Velvet Prussian

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