Friday, January 18, 2013

Caught On Radar.


Have you ever noticed that when you want to be alone, like go for a walk alone ... some radar must go off somewhere and people are launched out of their houses to come and bother you?


I think it is kind of like the radar for my hubby. When he gets in the car to drive, people are notified to get on the road and do things just to annoy him... like drive in front of him really slowwwwwwwly.

I always find that people always want to "chat" when you are trying to be alone. I mean if someone was in real need to talk about the fact they needed me to call 911 - I would so not be complaining about this ... but it is always about the weather ... or their gallstones ...

... and I don't look like a weatherman or a doctor ... not even when I wear hospital greens or stand in front of a green screen.

I tried playing dead once ... just dropping on the ground and lying there not breathing ... but I think that only works with bears because they don't really know about CPR.


There definitely are things that make you realize being eaten by a bear is not the worst thing that could happen to you.

SKIN:  [:T:] Helena - December 31 (TDR)
HAIR:  Alli and Ali Mason
EYES:  [Mydear]Real eyes--Chateaugreen
LASHES:  DIVA Eyelashes (VOX)
EARRINGS:  Ear Candy ~ Black Event Hippie Earrings
RINGS:  :Z.S: Ring Collection V1
TOP:  *COCO*_Gift_TurtleneckSweater
PANTS:  DRIFT City Pants [MESH] White
COAT:  MOYAZ Daisy Mesh Duffle vest ~ Basic collection - Black for Acid Lily
SHOES:  [:ME:] Jen's Ankle Shoes Black

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