Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Grapes of Wrath.


I remember in the 70's when everyone and their dog was doing resin grapes. Your house did not rate unless you had shag carpet, a hanging macrame table and resin grapes.


I am sure that there were other fruits to be had but for some reason grapes were the creme de la creme. They just seemed to make everyone happy.


Especially the women who were working with the resin in unvented rooms ...

SKIN:  ::DS:: Glo Riesling Blood ORange
HAIR:  Son!a Riley updo Soil
EYES:  IKON Eternal Eyes - Storm
LASHES:  *ByKay* ~ Eyelashes ~ *Natural Heavy*
JEWELLERY:  :MD: Indian Diamond Jewellery Gold 2
GOWN:  SAS - September 2012 Gown
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