Thursday, January 10, 2013

How to Lose a Beloved Pet in One Innocent Gesture.


I have a pet. I am trying to adapt to life in Australia. I think I suck at it.


Late at night when I am sitting at my desk, in front of a huge opened window, scanning the night sky in search of intelligent life that might appreciate my naked hommage being played to it as I ritualistically mumble incoherently chant and plead for relief from the heat, my new found friend pet visits me.

It is a huge stick bug.

So huge that when it first started attacking visiting the window I actually thought aliens had landed and were pissed that I would not shut up and quit whining about the heat.

After the screaming stopped (mine not the bugs) we stared at each other ... both of us feeling much better that a screen prevented either of us from touching one another.  As ridiculous as it might seem that a bug would even think I would want to touch it, my hubby (the bug whisperer) assures me that it feels that way.  He and the bug whisper so quietly I cannot confirm that so I am going to accept it on account of he has a kind face (hubby, not the bug).

Eventually the bug started to dance to my whimpering .... and I started to talk to it.

It really seemed to listen ... and agree with everything I said.  I love that about some people ... they usually end up being my best friends... or my children between the ages of newborn - 14 months.

It came back night after night and things were going swimmingly until I started to get attached and developed genuine emotions for the thing ... naming it "Fluffy," and spending hours with it. We laughed, we cried ... we watched reruns of Seinfield  together. 

And then I ruined it all.  Like most people, I wanted more than Fluffy was prepared to give me.  I just wanted to have more meaningful interaction with it ... like anyone would with their pet ... I didn't even really think before I went outside .... picked up that stick and threw it ...


I guess, in fairness to "Fluffy," if someone picked up my mom and threw her across the yard and told me to go "fetch" ... I would be pissed too.

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