Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Legal Requirements for Hip and Aware.


The cool things about being raised by your grandparents was that they were not that hip and aware. I didn't think much about it back then, I just sort of accepted it as a gift from God and proof that some people did know how to give good gifts.


But now that I have had time to reflect upon it I think there is some sort of unwritten rule that once you hit 50 you have to hand in your hip and aware-ness on account of you won't be using them because no-one can see past your no longer perfect skin to allow that your opinion matters. It is kind of like what they do with drivers licenses. You can promise not to use them, but just in case you are ever tempted, it is best you hand them over once you can't pass the physical.

We take a lot of things away from people when they can no longer pass the physical. That is because we love us some of that physical. NOTHING matters more than that physical.

So ya anyway it was pretty easy to put stuff over on the grandparental units. Take out a basket of yarn, move the knitting needles occasionally, and hide beer in amongst.


Oh relax, I never even saw a beer bottle until I was 11 and then I washed it out and filled it with apple juice and pretended one afternoon.

It is just that THAT does not make me sound as interesting and I don't want to hand in my hip and aware-ness yet.

SKIN:  SURROGATES  -  Cheryl 1
HAIR:  Alli&Ali Katniss Hair
EYES:  Aphotic Gloom - Clarus Eyes currant
LASHES:  [OH] Lashes  :::(~_~):::  Vogue Girl
NAILS:   Bamboo Nails Darkside
JEWELLERY:  Ear Candy ~ Art Deco Black Dalmation
RING:  BB - Treble Ring
BELT:  Ear Candy ~ Black Leather and Knit Belt
OUTFIT:  .::BT::. Double Trouble *red* for Acid Lily
SHOES:  MV Dita Boots Spots

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