Wednesday, January 9, 2013

More Than a Fluffy Baby Chick.


Yellow is not usually a colour a child picks for themselves. It is the crayon reserved for blonde hair and the smiley spider up in the right hand side of most of our drawings aka "the sun."


Yellow is easter and a forced dress for church but it is a soft yellow like a little fluffy baby chick without the fluff unless you have a crinoline on then you are a stiffer scratchier kind of fluff. Baby chickens don't wear crinolines.

That's a real shame if you think about how darn cute chicks in baby ballerina outfits would be ... a whole new pinterest category ...

Life is really all about what pinterest category you fall into, if anyone "likes" you and if they are willing to follow or repost. In fact people fall into two categories only ... those we would repost and those we don't. Could you please line up respectively? Thanks.


Beauty queen contestants who wear yellow never win. That is because the judges are like the rest of us they don't see the lovely fashion ... they just see an oversized baby chick and oversized baby chicks cross the cute line into scary.

It is also a sign of trying too hard.

But adding a bow makes it better which is why I love this skirt. THAT and the fact I am not a beauty queen, I love baby chicks, and there is a third category that I belong to - the one where people mute you or report you to pinterest.

Sorry I misled you.

Yellow can make you hopeful ... like a spider sun.

SKIN:  [sys jan 13]Sparkyle.::S::. Erica Honey
HAIR:  Alli and Ali Sonja Hair
EYES:  IKON 'Sunrise' Eyes - Eggplant Pale v2
JEWELLERY:  Cae :: Flourish Mini Set (With Love <3 hunt="hunt" p="p">
NAILS:  CCD - Long Nails - Diva - Red
PURSE:  Old bag 500 *Tea Time*
SKIRT:  (Elate!) Alice Skirt (Sunny)
BLOUSE:  (Elate!) Alice Blouse (Ivory)
SHOES:  *TOXIC* Coquette Heels Rainbow Dots
POSES:   AppleSpice
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