Friday, January 25, 2013

Olympic Fish.


Did you know that fish can synchronized swim?


Well I can't be for positive sure that they were doing it but it sure looked like it. I mean come on, they clearly did not have the benefit of noseplugs and gluegunned flowers on their little heads but they definitely had their one fin thingy up above the water line ... all at the same level and at the same time while they made these really cool patterns with their little golden bodies.  Then they leapt up into the air one after the other with such percision ... it was like wow ....


... and then the toilet finished flushing ...

... and they were gone ....

... wayyy before their time ....

This is really sad.  Such talent ... gone in a swirl ...

I am crying too.  Hold me?

SKIN, NAILS and TEETH:  [:ME:] Vanity Fair Skintone
HAIR:  [taketomi]_Seiji_LightBlondes
EYES:  IKON Sunrise' Eyes - Brown Pale
LASHES: VonD Gorgeous Lashes
JEWELLERY:  Addiction Guardian Set - Pearl/Pink Sunrise Topaz
PURSE:  +Plus Glam Tote Purple for Carnivale!!
SKIRT:  [LeeZu!] Manoa Micro Skirt /pink
TOP:  *Linc* Cashmere Top Shortsleeves White
LEGGINGS:  [LeeZu!] Sissy Tights /pink
SWEATER:  SLAVE Open Sweater Violet
SHOES:  *[PP]- Vintage Swirls Pumps*

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