Friday, January 11, 2013

Piano Keys.


I loved sitting at the piano as a kid ... cracking my knuckles because THAT part I could do perfectly ... oh and the sitting down part ...except for that one time when I flung my skirt out behind me and it actually flung onto the floor on account of they hadn't invented velcro yet and my brother sucked at sewing snaps on.

Although ... when you are sitting there in your underpants no-one really pays a whole lot of attention to the quality of the music. (probably because they are screaming for your grandparents to get you the heck off the stage ...)


And then there would be that silence while everyone waited for you to attack the keys ... and I could play that first dramatic chord and then look so pained ... like all great artists do ... But then when you go to the two fingered chopsticks ... people kind of groan and say unkind things and look for the girl with the baton in the wings and motion that she should come on now even though she knocked out my grandmas teeth that one time when she threw her baton and learned that it was not like a boomerang and did not magically fly back into her hand.


It doesn't even matter that you clog while you play chopsticks ... people want music.

I would have learned to play the piano if my parents had bought me a piano but they bought me an organ ... like ya ... I want to aspire to be the church organist some day ... (no offense Frieda the church organist lady) but no ... that was not high on my list.

I needed a bar instrument ... something you could pick up in a bar and play. I may not have heard of karaoke back then .... but it was in my soul. That's why people always say to me "Bliss, you beautiful fashionista you ....didn't I hear you last night at karaoke?

And Karaoke encourages singing in your underpants.

It is much more free than church basement recitals where they persecute the chopstick players.

SKIN:  [:ME:] Leigh Native Skintone (Jan 2013 Gift)
HAIR:  Elikatira [e] Sound red
EYES:  Mayfly   Liquid Light Myrtle Green
LASHES:  *ByKay* ~ Eyelashes ~ *Natural Heavy*
DRESS:  [:ME:] Jen Blouson Dress (BW)
BOOTS:  Aluinn Wrapped Boots-Charcoal
POSES:  Poseur

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