Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Rocket Science and Life.


I remember the day I had to sit my children down and inform them, contrary to popular belief, I was not a rocket scientist.

I don't even like rockets.


I tried to impress upon them that they should continue to both worship and fear me - whichever was most conducive in any given moment to them doing what I said, or gifting me with fabulous presents. I just wanted them to understand I was not going to be doing their math homework, helping them with their science fair project, or hooking up the VCR.

I pointed out that their father was not a rocket scientist either and that he had simple needs - in that they did not need to spend nearly as much money on him as they did on me.

The fact was ... it fell on one of them to become the rocket scientist of the family, or to divide up the rocket scientist tasks amongst themselves so as to see to it that they all got done. They eventually sorted it all out and we had this functioning household complete with math homework done, science projects completed but never placed because other kids DID have rocket scientist parents who did their projects for them and the schools did not have proper parental cheat detectors installed in their schools, and a VCR that we all enjoyed.

And then they all moved out and went about their own lives and now I am rocket-scientist-less and I weep about it often .... I ask lots of questions of the universe like "why oh why?"


And then I finally realized something and I did what everyone does in my situation ... I just lowered my expectations of life, pretend that I am happier than ever, and make pretty posters to put on pinterest telling people that math and science projects are irrelevant and VCR's are part of a conspiracy to take over the world.

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