Thursday, January 24, 2013

Splitting Hares - The Scoop on Bunnies.


Australians are very practical. My grandfather would have liked them ... well except for the speedo, running around half naked, beer and wine bits ...

Oh and he would not have liked Cricket ....


My grandfather forbade me from "naming" any of the farm animals. I was just standing there petting "Fluffy" my pet pig and he ripped off my lace embroidered little name tag and stomped on it and screamed ... "THESE are farm animals!! They are NOT your pets. They are NOT your friends! They are your FOOOOOOD!!" (you should have someone in the office yell food into an empty metal grabage can for the full effect of how he said that ... and have someone with a spray bottle stand behind the person playing my grandfather and spritz water every time he speaks like he is spitting all over the people playing the pigs.)

I am thinking this MAY be where the whole ... "Don't play with your food." part came from except like many sayings people perverted it. I don't care how out of control your kid is ... no-one thinks playing with your porkchop is the same as dressing up "Fluffy." Is it any wonder kids look at parents like they are from another planet?

We have Bunnies ... not in our yard as much as they are in the neighbours yard. They like to hop by my window in the early morning and say "hey!" My favourite is the one I call "Fluffy." But hubby informs me they are NOT bunnies. They are HARES. ( interesting there is no reference to eating them though ... thank heavens ...) Hares are a scourge. They are pests. You don't name cockroaches do you????

You can eliminate a Hare ... bunnies are not so easy...

Years of conditioning made me cower in my chair as he stood there directing my speech patterns. As soon as he left the room I called ... "Here bunny, bunny, bunny .... here Fluffy!" And I fed them carrots and told them about my pig....


Oh and if I had a pet cockroach ... I would so name it "Fluffy." But I would keep it in a glass cage ... and I wouldn't pet it or anything.

SKIN:  Akeruka Girogia
HAIR:    Elikaitra [e] Abbey - Essentials Collection
EYES:  IKON Sunrise' Eyes - Brown Pale
SCARF:  *VoguE* Sharmine Stole ~ Aqua
COAT:  Essences Papercoat
BOOTS:  Ear Candy ~ My Black Wellies with Black Fabric Bow
PURSE:  ::C'est la vie!:: knit tote bag mesh 3tex change

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