Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Heat is Really Hot and I Am Bothered.


It is very hot in Australia right now. (If you could queue some people in your office to kind of harmonize and do that oooo oooo thing in a minor chord that sounds terribly sad ... that would be swell ...) But it is beyond hot ... it has been hot forever and there has been no rain ... as in, instead of measuring the rain in a rain gauge in mm, we are now restricted to counting how many actual rain drops fell.

Like a couple weeks ago we had 11 drops.


And then this wind blows constantly so you are sitting in front of an open window gasping for breath and the wind hits you and before you know it you are standing on your desk screaming out the window "For the love of God would someone PLEASE shut the furnace door!"

I am pretty sure that melted bright orange on the road is the road worker with the fluoro vest that was out there yesterday. His teeth evidently can withstand extreme temperatures .... (they still had the whistle clenched in between them).

I have had ceremonies to apologize to my hair for ever blow drying it ... and to my clothes for ever putting them in a dryer ... because going outside is exactly like that except I am too weak to tumble.

I forget what it is like to have spit in my mouth.


I even think the heat and the wind is impacting the sanity of my neighbours ... they seem more insane than usual ...

... at least that is what I thought the other day when I was outside licking the underside of rocks trying to find moisture ....

SKIN:  Al Vulo Members Gift January
HAIR:  **Dura-Game**02(Sienna)
EYES:  IKON Kaleido Eyes - Oil
GLASSES:  /artilleri/ Greta sunglasses *black*
EARRINGS:  Koteka (temp. Closed)
BRACELETS:  Indyra Bangles Hapa Bronze
GLOVES:  BLINK Leather Gloves
BAG:  Muism Messenger Bag
HAT:  SWA Beret Cocoa
SKIRT:  [Amarelo Manga] - Skirt iara [Brown]
SHIRT AND SCARF:  ! Glitterati ! - 4500 Member's Gift
VEST:  ISON - belted fur vest (black)
BOOTS:  Leverocci- Ava OTK Boots_StandardSizing_Python_Nero
POSES:  Epiphany

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