Monday, January 7, 2013

The New Age.


I did a lot of shopping online this year - mainly because I am tired of all the effort it takes to go out and shop - especially the part about having to get dressed.


Anyway, did you know that you can now "shop" online for the type of illness you want to have? You have to admit it is pretty cool, it's like the perfect gift for the hypochondriac in your family. Someone should make an app. It takes all the guess work out of faking an illness to get drugs AND it is a great way to test your doctor to see if they are up on the latest on illnesses. Doctors need to have some fun too when they are busy all day lancing boils, checking prostates and looking in ears.  It is kinda like when you take your kids on a long trip and they are bored stupid and someone invents a game like lets count how many license plates we can see from different states - only this game does not involve a car, license plates,  or road kill.


I printed some of the pages on diseases and had them laminated so that my great aunt can just whip one out when people doubt that her symptoms mean she has a brain tumour. My brother got her some erasable pens to write on the laminate so she can check off all her symptoms when she is proving her tumour to others.

I think it is important to empower the mentally unstable in our families ... and to use modern technology to do it with. (believe me - erasable marking pens are technology for her ... )

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