Saturday, January 12, 2013

The World Evolves Around Me.


I know that the world evolves around me. I know this because I stand still and the planets move, day changes into night, night to day, and seasons changes blah blah blah.


Hence I also know that there are thousands of you out there, glued to your seats, desperate for news as to how I am handling the heat here in Australia day by day.

To answer the question for today, I am not.

I tried to get my hubby to sit down and go over a fire disaster plan and he informed me we are in no dangers of fires here. We will just die from the heat and lack of rain and insanity that comes from having hot, hair blower quality, air blowing in your face for 4,382 days in a row. If you doubt me ... go and try it right now and tell me how much you care about trying to move your little pinky in about 8 minutes.

My hubby also thinks a good way to combat the heat is to walk into a room where I am sitting with my face melted into my hands and telling me, "Wow it is nice and cool in this room!"

I have told him he does not have mind control abilities no matter how slow he speaks or how deep he makes his voice.


I just hand him my face and ask him to get me a glass for it.

SKIN:  [:ME:] Demi Medium Skintone (Color Bundle)
HAIR:  Elikatira [e] Conclusion
EYES:  Mayfly   True Grey
LASHES:  *ByKay* ~ Eyelashes ~ *Natural Heavy*
MAKE-UP:  { birdy. } in depth
BRACELET: U&R Dogs :+*R*+: Clair de lune Bracelet Gold
EARRINGS:  [Amarelo Manga ] - Earring Spring
GOWN:  ** DIRAM ** PEYTON Dress Mesh - Beige
SHOES:  Closed Toe High Heels With Buckles by Pinkah Breen
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