Friday, January 25, 2013

This Is NOT a Bun Head.


OK I wanted to educate myself on current terminology and as I do not like to assume anything, even if I think it is obvious, I looked this stuff up on the internet.

I assumed once.  I assumed that this extra kid that was following me around through most of my early life, tattling on me to my grandparents every chance he got, was my brother. The facts are ... I did not see my mother give birth to him. I cannot verify ANYTHING about him. There was no internet back them to find these things out. THAT kid lived with us for years ... he still calls me sometimes ... and he may have just been an extra kid someone accidently left there one Sunday. How will we ever know?

So I looked up "Bun Head."


There is a new show called that, and I know what you are thinking ... it must be a show about some kid living in a pastry shop right?

Nope ... it is about some lady that used to be a Vegas Dancer and married some dude and he died the night he brought her home to tell his mom and now she has to live there with the mom and the mom teaches ballet.

I know ... there are NO bakers in the show.

According to the Urban Dictionary (who knew Keith Urban had his own website)a Bun Head is:

"A persistant, long legged beast that uses it's bun to propel itself in and out of places with large crowds. This beast does this in order to attract attention to itself and possibly kill it's enemy. This beast becomes constipated if it does not make weird faces into an Iphone.

That girl is such a Bun Head! I can't stand her. "

I still don't get it except that I had an aunt once who said she couldn't eat buns because they would "bind her all up."

So I decided to skip a hair bun because I want you all to like me, and I went with this kind of "pretzel twist" braided updo that is much prettier and I don't think anyone will call it a bun head.


I am going to do us all a favour and restrain myself from looking up "pretzel twist" because I have not recovered yet from reading about bun heads.

Class dismissed.

SKIN:  [Hush] Blair Skin - SmokedKiss
HAIR:  Son!a Poise2 updo blonde
EYES:  IKON Sunrise' Eyes - Brown Pale
LASHES: VonD Gorgeous Lashes
JEWELLERY:  Donna Flora VIVIAN pearl set
GOWN:  SAS - Garbo Peach

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