Tuesday, January 22, 2013

When Colours Ruin Your Life.


School colours are a big deal. I know kids here in Australia have to wear uniforms but they have a lot more to worry about than just the colours ... some of the "styles" of those uniforms ... well let me just say that if I had to go to school every day dressed like that, I would be a Hutterite now starring in some reality show on television.


We worried about what we would look like sweating in our uniforms which were reserved for sports only ... and of course what our cheerleaders would look like. Boys seem to lose the idea that if they care about what girls are wearing (or not wearing) perhaps they should be a bit more concerned about what they are wearing.

Brown and orange were considered the worst of the worst simply because how could you be taken seriously in those colours? They said dull, boring, uninteresting, Grandma's afghan made from Woolco bargain yarn, and A&W.

Green and Gold were not far behind because the the "Gold" was always a really harsh yellow and for some reason all those uniforms were predominantly that yellow with a bit of green on them. Our school colours were green and gold.

We only had the brown and orange people to make fun of.

 It was a very restricted childhood.

How I envied the red and white people, the blue and white people, the black and gold people, the green and white people ... I just wanted to go to a school with decent colours where I could sweat, win games, and look magnificent. I cried myself to sleep over it ... knowing that my uniform just did not do me fashion justice but no-one cared.

It was not a conversation you could have on the farm. Oh you could say the words, you could threaten to end your life over the injustice of it all, but sharing of your feelings was followed by one of 3 standard replies:


Are you going to eat that last porkchop?

Cattle prices went down today.

I think we might be able to combine tomorrow.

I have tried to hear those words in a caring meaningful way, somehow relevant to my tender burgeoning feelings ... but I can't.

I just don't think Crisis Counselors really understood their jobs back then ...

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