Thursday, January 17, 2013

Why All Husbands Should Be "Belled."


The scene started with my husband racing into my office on hands and knees resembling something out of one of those horror movies when a human being crawls along the ceiling in a completely unnatural way.


I may have only imagined it, but the lights seemed to begin to strobe at that exact moment - either that or another person escaped from the same horror movie was standing at the doorway flicking the lights on and off.

  Then my eyes went to a wiggly, repltilian type something racing in front of my hubby and going under the bed ... And then I sort of screamed, except it got stuck in my throat, and then I rolled my chair back over my hubby's hand who screamed, and his scream did NOT get stuck in his throat.

I assured him he should not take it personally. I would have reacted that way to anyone moving unnaturally on the floor of my office with an icky something wiggling under the bed.

Then we discussed the gecko that had made it into the house, ran straight for my office, and how he was going to get it out of the house. I would like to point out, again, that icky things head straight for me. They could go to my hubby and he would probably sit it on his knee and talk with it ... but no ... they head for me. I thought creatures had survival instincts. Them running for me is a bit like a criminal escaping and trying to hug the executioner. What do they expect is going to happen?


My hubby's hand got kind of mashed. The first roller was bad, the second worse, and the third when I leaned down to check on him ... did the most damage. I bet he is going to remember to close the screen door from now on.

Everytime he looks at the little gecko bandaids that I bought him ... it should remind him.

I think men respond well to visual aids.

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