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Remember when you were a little girls and you got a new fairy princess colouring book with a bigbox of new crayons and you had to try and figure out which fairy to colour first? I mean do you colour the flower fairy, the mermaid princess fairy or the fairy that sparkles first?


What crayon do you use? The powder blue, the lilting lilac or the ballet pink? And then you would skip from page to page, no wanting to miss anything, colouring a little here, a little there .... doing the bow on this dress, the little fishies in that one, the cute little bird ...

I used to give myself such a headache I would have to get my blankie and have a nap ...

I had the same problem with those lifesaver "books" we used to get for Christmas. Which do you eat first? The ones you like the most? The ones you like the least? And then you would worry so much about someone else eating them that you would lick them all, trying to mark them and that would just leave you with a big sticky mess of "o's" that you needed an ice pick to chip apart. Who knew human saliva, sugar, and butterscotch is better than super glue???

I mean don't judge me ... licking pieces of cake on the pastry plate pretty much means they are yours and you can eat at your leisure.

I thought I had outgrown all that ... attended enough assertiveness training seminars, graduated from training bra to the real deal, wearing my big girl pants ... and then they came up with Pinterest and I am 5 years old with a fairy princess colouring book all over again.

I start looking and suddenly I want to crochet furniture and the next minute I am wanting to bake wedding cakes ... they make everything sound so easy and so exciting and they have such pretty pictures.


I can't tell you what a mess I have made of my computer ...  licking the screen like that ....

SKIN:  .::WoW Skins::. Michela Tan 02
HAIR:  Amacci Hair ~ Gloria
EYES: IKON 'Sunrise' Eyes - Caribbean Blue
LASHES: *ByKay* ~ Eyelashes ~ *Natural Heavy*
JEWELLERY: U and R Dogs :+*R*+: Saraband Pierced Earrings Gold
NAILS:  MoonDance: Square Medium Garnet Teardrop 3d
BLOUSE:  * Baiastice_Allydora shirt-black
SKIRT:  * Baiastice_Leather print skirt-silver
SHOES:  Leverocci - Lavender Platform Pumps - Nero
POSES:  Fly Lily
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