Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Deep Discussion Concerning Facial Hairs.


Face Hair. Let's Discuss.


Why is it that men feel the need to do the whole face hair growing thing at some point? Moustaches ... Beards ... Sideburns .... like as soon as they discover they have any facial hair they go into this thing where they need to show everyone that not only can they grow it ... they can grow lots of it.

Not that many men look good with facial hair anyway ... I always wonder what they are trying to hide and then I realize ... that is not exactly true because I really do not want to know.

Like you don't see women growing out their underarm hair and braiding it or doing corn rows in their leg hair as soon as they hit puberty. In fact ... a woman never ever ever does that unless she is living in a commune, drinking goats milk, and has no need to pretty up for a date on account of once everyone eats enough of those homegrown brownies everyone is loving everyone regardless of what they look like or whether teeth are missing or they have bathed in 3 years. Some of those women like to leave their arm pit hair long and flapping in the breeze so they can write a book on how feminist they are and hope they might get asked to be a key note speaker at the next Status of Women Conference in Canada.

I don't think armpit and leg hair counts as facial hair. I may be a tad off topic.


I guess to be fair it is a little harsh of me to say that some men do not look good with moustaches etc when the reality is NO women look good with them. I should try to be more accepting of unattended body hair. Please don't think poorly of me.

 I mean MORE poorly than you already do.

Nice Moustache ... I mean that sincerely Mom.

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