Monday, February 18, 2013

Diamond Style Alexys.

Diamond Style Alexys 2

My hubby is hanging around the house again ... it is raining and there is no golfing allowed otherwise he would be out there any way.

We are talking about a man who had to go out walking when it was like 57 below with the wind chill factor in Canada - just so he could see what it was like. That was right after he heard the newsman say, "Police are asking everyone to stay in doors and keep warm, exposed flesh will freeze in about half a nano-second." I think "you shouldn't do that" is like waving a red flag in front of a charging bull or something for Aussie men ... not sure ...

Anyway the police brought him home. They found him walking and pulled over and shone their flashlights at him and just said one word that basically summed it all up for everyone's understanding .... "Australian?"

I got a lecture about not keeping better track of him.

Diamond Style Alexys 1

But here in Australia he is good to go. They don't send police out to collect idiots here ...

I think that is because the police are most likely golfing with them in the monsoon ....

Diamond Style

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