Saturday, February 16, 2013

Grandfather Clocks.


My grandfather had a grandfather clock ... I think it is mandatory or something when you become a grandfather.


They clearly don't care so much if women can tell time with class so grandma's get doilies and lots of lavender stuff.

My grandfather's grandfather clock was big and freaking annoying. I wanted to shoot it. No-one seriously needs to know every time another 15 minutes have passed and who came up with the brilliant idea that at the time of night you most want to be asleep, it must BONG BONG BONG 12 times? And you know everyone in the house and the next 8 farms over, along with all the cows and chickens are lying in the dark counting 1,2,3 ....

My grandparents clucked (yes it is true when you live with chickens long enough you begin to sound like them) when we told them it annoyed us and assured us they didn't even notice it anymore and that we would get used to it. No, they didn't notice it because they were both deaf.

That made a chiming clock for the hard of hearing elderly, probably the stupidest idea anyone ever came up with.


Well maybe the second stupidest ... the first would be having the combine manual written in english, french and baille.

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