Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I Am Who I Am ... I Think.


People in Australia like to leave their magazines in your mail box in a bag with a note that they are coming back around on such and such a date and you should either put your order out for them to pick up or return the catalogue to them.


Except that I am going away and will not be back to put it out for them.

So I arrive home and they show up at the door all in a snit, this is their third time back, and where is their freaking magazine? I told them I was impressed with their ability to percieve that I was not ordering anything because wow, with that kind of tone, if I had been, I wouldn't be. So I smiled and asked them to wait one moment and I came back to the door and handed them a bag of laundry. They asked me what it was and I told them it was our drycleaning and would they mind dropping it in for us on Thursday?

They did mind apparantly BUT without another word spoken we came to an agreement.

They didn't ask me to take care of their catalogues anymore and I took care of my own drycleaning. I sort of thought that was the way it was in the beginning but I do appreciate them bringing to my attention the misunderstanding so that we could clear it up.
Evidently the Avon lady must be a friend of theirs because she suddenly stopped dropping off her catalogues as well.
Sometimes life is so serendipitous that I think I should change my name to Dipi ... but then I think No ... mom already has difficulty remembering who I am. I have to show her my drivers license everytime I see her.
SKIN:  [rQ]Skin~Tan@o1.TYPE.01
HAIR:  *booN PUN448 hair black/chocolate/purple
EYES:  IKON Lucid Eyes - Blue-Gray
LASHES: Dream Ink Tiana
EARRINGS:  Dollarbie from Ear Candy
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Chop Zuey Great Earth Earrings
DRESS:  MV Memoirs for Acid Lily
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