Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I Love Books.


I have a love affair with books that started with my first cloth book and lasted forever ... well as forever as I am at the moment .... I could not get enough to read as a kid. I would stay up at night with my copper lamp of the horse with a chain for a bridle under my sheets with me until it was so hot and I had sucked all the air out and then I would turn the light off, throw the covers off and gasp for air before doing it all over again. I am not sure how I woke up in the morning ... I could not put books down.


If I found an author I liked, I had to read everything that author wrote. I read Readers Digest. I read magazines in the doctor's office. I read all the old dusty books in my great aunts library and in our library and in the library at the school. I did not understand that other houses did not have libraries ... I thought people were so weird to not have a room full of books in their houses.

I thank books for giving me a vision beyond the little part of the world I grew up in.

I escaped ...


Thank heavens no-one came looking for me ...

I am not sure they even know I have gone ...

I know when I was home one day great grandpa went into his bedroom and then we never saw him again.  Who knows if he is busy in the bathroom, having an extra long nap, or passed away ...

Canadians don't like to ask too many questions ...

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