Wednesday, February 13, 2013

La.Estrella & Swan - Corinna.

La Estrella and Swan Corinna 2

I actually went to school with a girl named Corrine. She had red hair and ginormous bazoozums. We were all in awe of her even before we knew how important those things were about to become to the world at large. She was Lola-lalaing way before SL was invented and someone invented the art of Lola. The boys adored her. Many of them had been secretly playing with their sister's Barbies and they were ahead on the whole Lola and Coco and Dolly Parton thing.

We were in awe in the same way we were in awe when presented with the two headed calf that someone brought to school to show that things go wrong and even though you have no idea how they went wrong or what it has to do with you, you feel kind of sick to your stomach and really afraid. 

You know ... most people with girnormous . . . other things . . . ended up in a circus or in some text book ... but for some reason we celebrate the liberally endowed women amongst us ... We were going to insist that she dress in a different dressing room for basketball but luckily someone decided it was probably not safe for a girl to play basketball when she had appendages that could be confused for basketballs.

La Estrella and Swan Corinna 1

She immediately took up cheerleading and made Captain by her second outing.

La.Estrella & Swan

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