Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Lingerie. Valentines Day. What's Not to Love?


Lingerie is perfect for Valentines Day. Men evidently love the surprise of having beautiful lacy, satiny, sexy lingerie as opposed to cotton briefs with "Thursday" written on them, even though one could argue that prompting men on the proper day of the week could not be a bad thing.

It is kind of hard to "surprise" them however when you kind of need them to be watching you undress. Saying "hey - watch this" does suggest this is not going to be the usual slip into something flannel type of evening.  Showing up in lingerie is probably the better option ... you know ... in front of the TV set ... during commercial.

OH ... and make sure that you only surprise your hubby or your boyfriend ... strangers can sometimes faint ... or scream ... or both ...

Although I still think it sucks that you spend that much money for something so beautiful and only your hubby/boyfriend gets to see it ...

That's why I always carry extra ear plugs and smelling salts. There is always a way around every problem.

SKIN:  La.Estrella & Swan Swan Corinna I Skin Cream
HAIR:  [taketomi]_Baby_LightBlondes
EYES: IKON Kaleido Eyes - Oil
JEWELLERY:  Aluinn's Briar Jewelry Set Release
SHOES:  SLink Sydney II Stilettos Black

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