Monday, February 4, 2013

Men and Their Errands.


Have you ever noticed that there is not a whole lot of differnce between the words "errand" and "errant?" I think it confuses men. Obviously it is easy to mix up words that are written down.

I don't have a good excuse for why they look at a word written down and confuse it with "nothing," but I am trying to be gracious ... as we women are wont to be.

I am thinking I may have to relent and get a cell phone.


I still refuse to believe that anything I have to say to anyone, or them to me, is that important that it can't wait until I am in my home and ready to "visit." I got over the whole "guess what I am eating for breakfast" after I added solid foods into my diet and the excitement meter kind of failed to register regardless of what kind of cereal I ate and how swell my orange juice was.

I also figure that if my friends don't remember what I look like, they are either a.) Not actually my friends and were looking for the other Bliss Windlow who lives in Maine somewhere with her 24 cats or b.)so brain dead that my reminding them with a quick snap of me smiling or making faces every 5 minutes is not going to help and may actually cause an epileptic seizure.

Further, I like the people I am out interacting with, to feel like it matters to me that they are there. I am not saying it always does matter to me but I like them to feel like it does. I like them to feel that way because then I get more presents at Christmas time and oh oh also get less run over by people who don't know that I am not paying attention as I step in front of their speeding cars because I am hitting "like" again on the Justin Beiber site hoping he will see my pics and what I had for breakfast and wanna date me.

I figure if we are not going to even bother to make eye contact with one another, we might as well be moles living in tunnels ... and I am not a big fan of moles. Game on or not ...

So that is all the same, nothing has changed much which probably leads you to pondering why I would then consider getting a cell phone. Some of you are probably sitting there with your mouths open in shock or are screaming at the computer screen, "Say it isn't so Batman!!"


BUT seeing as lists have not helped in prompting my husband to bring home what I asked for ... I am thinking that we may have to go for easy to colour pictures.

I think I set the bar too high with expecting him to be able to read.

He needs a cell phone so that I can GPS him at all times ... otherwise we would be singing ballads about the Aussie and his friends who went out to play golf one day and were never heard from again. As tempting as that might be sometimes ... I still have a list of chores for him around the house to finish up on. Just downloaded a bunch of swell pictures with Barney explaining it all in his new "how to" series.

I love modern technology.

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