Monday, February 25, 2013

My Little Birdies.


I love all the little birds that are around my window every day.


They make me feel all Cinderella like and I sometimes get dressed up, kick off one glass slipper and talk to the broom like it might one day turn into some kind of a coachman or something.

One of the little birds came to the window yesterday and I was close enough to reach out and touch it but we just kind of sang to one another for about an hour ... I sing awesome bird let me tell you.

I have no idea what I was saying to him but it seemed to provide him a great deal of comfort.

I think I may have saved his marriage or something.


Now the neighbour obviously does not share my passion. They never dress up and all the time I was whistling away in bird speak they just kept yelling "Shut the &!!;*^%!! up already." But I was deep into my fantasy mode and when I am there I don't have neighbours because Cinderella only had ugly stepsisters and little animals and birdies that love her.

I love cold medicine ...

SKIN:  *JeSyLiLO*:::Ashq:::*LightSkin
HAIR:  [LeLutka]-SWISH hair/Dark Red
EYES:  IKON Lucid Eyes - Blue-Gray
LASHES:  Aimesi
EARRINGS:  ..:: Bens Beauty ::.. Edda Earring
BRACELET AND RINGS:  *A Birdsong* Webed Silver Bracelet Ring Set
OUTFIT:  Paisley Daisy Joeys mesh Beaded Blue (Versace Infl.)Sheer top n pants
BELT:  *::UM::* Stone change_Belt
SHOES:  Lindy Nicola BlkPat

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