Saturday, February 9, 2013



I love Roses and I like to wear them as often as possible.


Shakespeare referred to roses over 50 times in his works. My brother knows nothing else about Shakespeare but counting the rose references was his hommage to counting ceiling tiles at church. He did not pass English and until now, I doubt anyone cared about how many times Shakespeare referred to roses but I wanted to do my bit to stamp out wasted youth ... and now I have. I can cross THAT off my bucket list.

I like to pick up roses randomly and add them to my hair or my dress or my heaving bosoms. I like rose petals strewn across my path as I walk ... and in my bath water ... although you have to wait until you get home to have a bath ...

. . . unless you are really comfortable with the people in the mall with you.


Unfortunately romance is lost on the grocery store staff ... they say it looks a lot like stealing to them, especially the ones shoved down my bra ...

SKIN:  *JeSyLiLO*:::LoVe:::*LightSkin
HAIR:  Amacci Hair ~ Rina - Dark Brown
EYES: IKON Kaleido Eyes - Oil
NAILS:  Candy Nail #P032 Feather Red
JEWELLERY:  Ganked Nightdance
GOWN:  Dashwood - "ROSE"  Red Formal/Wedding Gown

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