Monday, February 18, 2013

Stating the Obvious.


I was a child of stating the obvious ... even after I had been repeatedly punished and warned that no-one wants to hear it and people do not like obvious girls.  (if you could get one of the older women in the office to hold a wooden spoon and sternly shake it at the rest of you while you read that last line ... it would be perfect)


We were having a conversation around the Sunday dinner table with relatives about a new baby, the colour of hair, and who the baby resembled or took after.  We discussed almost every colour of hair and which ancient relative was responsible for it and how it all filtered down into the masses.  Someone said that one of the brothers of the baby had a touch of red in his hair, like Grandpa.

My eyes darted from the speaker to my grandfather, confused beyond belief, and my mouth dropped open.  I double checked before I insisted they were wrong because Grandpa clearly had PINK hair.

He was bald.


(everyone should gasp and the stern lady with the wooden spoon should make her eyes go slitty)

I just would like to say the technically I was part of the "we" as in "we were discussing" and that if the adults intend "we" to exclude the shorter and less advanced in age, they should perhaps have served us our dinner in front of the TV where we wouldn't be distracted by the lies they like to tell each other ....

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