Sunday, February 24, 2013

Thanks For the Memos!


Dear Designer;

Thank you so much for your notification about your achievement in reaching a huge number of followers/having an anniversary/having a sale/going out of business/letting us know that your cat just had kittens. (please circle your own situation and take a moment to really enjoy your achievement and have some cake)


I think it is great to share these precious moments with your customers, even though I am not a big fan of cats, truly I do.

I even understand a second and third reminder, after all we are a global community with many time zones and people have lots of groups and messages and you hate to have anyone miss out.


However after the 232nd reminder, you can probably rest your send finger just a tad. We all got the notice and if we have not shown up yet, you can probably surmise we are not coming and in fact ... you can also probably understand that by now ... we hate your cat ...

. . . and your kittens.

I have a couple of fingers too. One for gesturing and the other one for deleting my membership.

You have a nice day now.

Love Blissy.

P.S. oh and again ... congratulations!

(and yes, I may have exaggerated a tad ... there were probably only 222 notices ... that was about the time I went cross-eyed ...)

SKIN:  ...::: AV!SAGE :::... Alicia - Sunkiss for XYRoom
HAIR:  Vanity Hair: Delicate-Light Blonds
EYES:  IKON ! Sunrise' Eyes - Turquoise Light
GLASSES:  FILTHY :F: Color changing - Reading Glasses (NLA)
JEWELLERY: *League* The Coin Collector Jewellery Set
NAILS:  RiSa's* prim nail ::graffiti:: for Girls
SCARF:  POE5 female gift .:PM:. Silk Carre' 2 Purple Moon
VEST:  *JeSyLiLO*:::ShirtDoubleSmarTVest:::*Green
PANTS:  * Baiastice_Milano trousers-cool grey
SHOES:  Baiastice_Roses dark grey
PURSE:  * Baiastice_Claudia-hand & shoulder bags-onyx

Ever wonder how my mind works that I come up with all this stuff?? Well ... I have no idea BUT if you enjoy this Blog you might be interested in Bliss/Aria's other blogs - find out more at Intertwingled. Join us on Facebook!
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