Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Academy Awards Ruined My Life.

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Jennifer Lawrence fell going to collect her oscar.

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While I appreciate that it made her seem much more real ... I think actors should be under contract to keep up the illusions they create. Seriously, I am never going to be able to watch the Hunger Games again and believe that she can shoot an arrow that well.

Maybe actors just CAN'T walk with clothes on and their being half naked all the time has nothing to do with the decline of all we hold morally decent.

I was also deeply disturbed when "Harry Potter" showed up and had a sexy accent and no longer looked like a boy. The announcer didn't even recognize him, he kept calling him "Daniel." Then Harry was all excited about meeting Dustin Hoffman. Harry Potter shouldn't know or care about anything regarding Dustin Hoffman.  They live in alternate realities.

My life has been forever altered because of the Academy Awards.

They can't even agree on who wore the crappiest dress. One "expert" says it is this one and then another "expert" names that same dress as the best. Maybe they should not be drinking before the judging starts.

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And if you are going to lecture me that everyone has their own tastes then all hell is going to break loose and we are going to have to allow people in here to wear whatever they want and stop rounding up the mob to hunt them down because they don't do it "right."


Did I say that out loud??

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