Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Pout.


What is with all these young girls and women taking endless pics of themselves to post on facebook etc?


Seriously, if it is not bad enough that they cannot go into the bathroom without their freaking phone, now we have to have pics of the whole ordeal? Seriously if I happen to call you and you are "indisposed" PULLLLEASE do not feel the need to answer the call.

Believe it or not, back in the day, people used to use phones for legitimate NEEDS and they acutally used to ignore the phone if they were too busy to talk to someone. It was like talk to the hand, without the visuals. And then we substituted answering machines for that purpose. People can leave a message, they do not need to share every intimate detail of your life. NO-ONE matters that much ... trust me. Flush the toilet and get on with your day!

But as for the pics??? Have you noticed that the big bathroom mirror is IN the bathroom? Have you noticed that there is a door to the bathroom and it most likely locks? Have you noticed that normally when you go to the bathroom in your house, you do not have a whole entourage in there with you? I mean the Mormon Tabernacle Choir has other things to do ... seriously.

So you go ahead and do all those little faces at yourself ... the "I am done my make-up, how freaking cute am I" shuffle is meant to be done in private, to convince yourself, to bolster your courage ... to open the door and go out and wow the world with your awesomeness. If God had ever intended for you to capture those moments to put on facebook, he would have made mirrors with automatic, social networked cameras already in them.

But he didn't.

The mirror stuff is private.

We don't wanna see it.


Someone has to be the bigger person here and set the example.  Having "followers" is a big responsibility. 

If you don't believe me just click on Grandma's profile and check out her newest profile pic.

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